Rug Repair & Restoration

Every homeowner or tenant quickly learns that anything can happen in a home. When even the most seemingly minor incidents occur, they can create lasting damage to the most treasured objects in your home, including your expensive area rugs. Whether it’s an everyday incident like a spill or tear or something much more severe like a fire or flood, you need a quality professional rug repair and restoration service at the ready. Rug Cleaning Scarsdale offers expert professional repair and restoration on your area rug. Call us today at 914-888-5540 to schedule your free estimate. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Common Types of Rug Repair Issues

Whether it’s everyday wear-and-tear or something much more serious, the area rug for which you’ve paid so much money or inherited for a loved one faces all manner of vulnerability, including but not limited to:

Flood or Water Damage – Very often, water damage and flooding are out of our hands but can still cause irreparable damage. Excess moisture can lead to fiber breakdown, mold issues, dry rot and more. If the rug gets to the stage of dry rot, it may be too late to do anything. Mold and mildew issues that are caught early enough, however, can be dealt with effectively.
Fire Damage – It may seem like your area rug can’t bounce back from a fire, but it may be more resilient than you think. Burns, smoke, damage, odors and other types of fire damage can all be dealt if they’re caught early enough. Rugs with heavy fire damage need to be deodorized. A standard may be all it takes to resolve the smoke issue; however certain types of fabrics are more vulnerable than others and require specialized repair.
Dry Rot – Dry rot occurs when the fibers of an area rug are severely deteriorated. If left unaddressed, dry rot will completely break down the structural integrity of your rug and damage it beyond repair. It happens after exposure to high levels of moisture so it’s critical that the problem be dealt with immediately.
In the case of mildew and mold, your area rug will be disinfected and sanitized to prevent the onset of any long-term health issues.

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Rug Cleaning Scarsdale has seen virtually every type of rug damage, from minor tears and spills to seemingly catastrophic events like heavy water or fire damage, we are fully prepared to help you bring your rug back to top form. The process starts with a free estimate and assessment of the damage your area rug has sustained. We will then provide an honest and fair price to bring your rug back to life and have the process completed as quickly as possible. You don’t have to lose your precious and valued area rug.

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